Diesel power packs case study showing how The Cylinder Service Centre responds to specialist diesel power pack requirements

Case Study: Diesel Power Packs For The Oil Industry

May 2012

The Cylinder Service Centre was recently contracted to engineer and build a total of 8 bespoke, specialised diesel driven power packs.

Bespoke diesel powerpacks

The international business that purchased these powerpacks from The Cylinder Service Centre were not looking for something off-the-shelf as their needs were very application specific.

Speedy and Specialist

Diesel powerpack side view #1These power packs were designed for operating hydraulically powered machinery in the oil and gas industry.

They needed a supplier that could respond quickly and supply specialised equipment that could meet demanding performance criteria and conform with rigorous international health and safety standards.

European Standards Compliant

As you might imagine, employing diesel motors in the sort of highly flamable environment that is naturally found in the oil an gas industry is not done without taking plenty of precautions.

The powerpacks had to be built to the European standard EN 1834-1:2000 covering diesel engine operation in Zone 1, or Zone 2 hazardous areas where flammable gas, or vapour may exist.

This standard requires that specialised valves are fitted to the powerpacks to ensure that the intake air supply is automatically shut down if engine overspeed occurs.

Diesel powerpack side view #2In addition, the power packs were also fitted with other special fire safety precaution devices such as spark arrestors.

The spark arrestors used are screen types which use a physical mesh to prevent large particles from leaving the exhaust system and causing a combustion risk

Not content with making the powerpacks robust and safe, we have also made them look good too.

We look forward to further contracts and a long term working relationship from this international business.