Pressure Performer

The Cylinder Service Centre started out with a Black & Decker workmate and a hydraulic bottle jack in 1994.  We have made remarkable progress since that time.

The company was established more than 24 years ago and it has continued to grow in terms of turnover, staff, services and premises. In 2019 we will be celebrating 25 years in business.

The company has change beyond recognition from the original one-man band into the major presence in the hydraulics field it is now.

And the secret of the Cylinder Service Centre’s success?

It is all about honesty and consistency combined with a fast & economical service.

A New Era

In 2018 the business was acquired by the Benbecula Group as part of a long term strategy to create a multi-discipline engineering presence able to compete on the world stage.

This new relationship for The Cylinder Service Centre makes it so much stronger. We can now draw upon skills and expertise from a wide range of disciplines from other companies in the group.

It also changes the focus of the business beyond the mostly UK customer base the company has had to date. The Benbecula Group is very much focussed on opportunities worldwide and the Cylinder Service Centre is now part of that vision.

What We Do

The Cylinder Service Centre offers hydraulic cylinder repairs, new hydraulic rams and related hydraulic cylinder supply services to customers large and small throughout the UK and beyond.

Large CylinderWe service a wide range of industries from manufacturing to off-shore, construction, public works, renewables and more.

The company has the expertise and capability to react swiftly and without fuss to our customers' needs. This means we also have to be very flexible. 

So while the bulk of our business is centred on hydraulic cylinder manufacturehydraulic cylinder design, and hydraulic cylinder repair, we also do the smaller jobs. 


For example, we also supply chrome plated bar and honed tube and hoses.You can still visit our factory and have hoses and other small assemblies made for you while you wait.

We also do work on our customers' sites and our mobile maintenance services, are used for both cylinder removal and fitting work.

From its earliest days, The Cylinder Service Centre was quick to recognise that customers require reliability and consistency above all else.

In the words of our Managing Director and founder Gary Davison :


Customers need to know they can trust us to deliver on our promises.


Many of our customers operate within a just-in-time manufacturing system. This applies equally to their production machine maintenance as it does to their production operations. 

In keeping with this philosophy, these types of business also operate with fewer maintenance staff. This means they need to rely more on outside contractors such as The Cylinder Service Centre to carry out hydraulic cylinder repairs.

To provide the right level of service to such customers requires a high degree of technical competence, flexibility - and a speedy response.

Total Confidence

Our customers need to have total confidence in their chosen hydraulics contractor. Equipment downtime can be very costly. Slow, or poor quality repairs often lead to lost orders and lost customers.

CSC Factory Extension SideviewThe confidence our customers have in The Cylinder Service Centre has allowed us to experience such tremendous growth in recent years..

Our premises have expanded from a 1,500 ft2 (140 m2) unit to a 13,000 ft2 (1,208 m2) unit and are now in a purpose built 30,000 ft2 (2787 m2) facility with reinforced floors and multiple overhead travelling cranes.

The total facility is built on its own secure, hard surfaced two acre site with excellent accessibility and communications very close to the A1 motorway.

Commitment to Service and Quality

The Cylinder Service Centre takes both manufacturing and service quality very seriously. This is why for many years now we have operated an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system. This provides the platform for consistent high quality output which sits well within the overall philosophy of the Benbecula Group.

The vision is to make The Cylinder Service Centre one of the largest companies in the hydraulic equipment manufacturing and services field in the UK, with additional worldwide expansion as part of the Benbecula Group's strategy.

The Cylinder Service Centre has already gained substantial recognition in the north of England and Scotland. Customers appreciate our ability to ehandle projects of all sizes quickly, efficiently and at a competitive price.

Changing Needs and the Future

The decline of mining and heavy industries in the UK in recent years has brought about substantial changes in the hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and repair industry. To meet this challenge, The Cylinder Service Centre now deals with a wider range of industries and has expanded the range of services we offer.

Currently The Cylinder Service Centre has the capability of accommodating all the needs of our customers in the offshore and shipping industry. We are confident of gaining further substantial contracts in this industrial area in the coming years.

The company will continue to invest in new facilities, people and technology. Our 2 acre site in Washington is well on the way to becoming one of the largest facilities of its type in Europe.

The final word, in this regard, goes to our Managing Director outlining one of the core principles of our business:


We will always need to keep investing in people and machinery in order to stay ahead of the competition.