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New Lubrication Section

Published: 21/02/2014

The Cylinder Service Centre is pleased to announce a new Lubrication division to our business and a new dealership arrangement with Exol Lubricants.

This new arrangement adds to both the breadth and depth of services we offer. We can now offer a whole range of lubricants for new applications, such as engine oil while at the same time enhancing our hydraulic manufacture and repair service by shipping pressureised cylinders.

The ability to fill and pressurise cylinders before shipping means that we can now further support our customers by ensuring that the pressure applied to filled cylinders is fully optimal. This gives both us and our customers peace of mind, but also means that the risk of the operational life of a new, or repaired cylinder being shortended by suboptimal pressurisation is removed.

Furthermore, we have been able to reduce the overall cost to our customers by reducing the cost of the hydraulic oil. This means that often the additional work required to pressureise the cylinder before shipping can pay for itself through reduced material costs. This is especially true of larger units.

The range of lubricants that Exol supplies is impressive and we have included a substantial selection on our website with links to the detailed brochures on the relevant products - where available.

As you might expect the range we cover is in line with the industries we normally serve and is split into three main categories:

Being a customer of The Cylinder Centre is not an exclusive club, so if you have a lubrication requirement, but have not dealt with us before, we would very much like to hear from you.  

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