Cylinders Repaired: Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

The Cylinder Service Centre has specialised in hydraulic cylinder repair work from the very start of its existence. It began as the core function of the business and over the years we have become highly specialised in cylinder repairs in terms of both equipment and personnel.

Cylinders repaired using our bespoke stripping rigThe cylinder stripping rig we use is to a completely bespoke design - conceptualised and developed in-house. It is completely unique and can be found nowhere else in the world. This rig allows us to strip and repair cylinders that normally would be inaccessible and so probably scrapped.

This ability provides a great deal more flexibility and choices for customers when it comes to dealing with cylinder repairs. This often can reduce costs, but it also can provide additional options for the customer when deciding how the repair should be made. For example, a different specification pin, or a change to a surface coating on an existing cylinder, can significantly improve both its performance and overall life.

Our staff are specialised and highly experienced with respect to cylinder repair which means we can identify reasons for failure more readily. This knowledge of repairs combined with the understanding we have about cylinders though the design and manufacturing part of our business means that cylinders can often be repaired to a specification more suitable to the operating conditions than when they were new.  We can also get to that final repair specification quickly - reducing the lead time in turning around repairs .

Our professional service is backed up by our commitment to ISO 9000. This isn't just a certificate to impress new customers, it is genuine recognition of the well ordered and structured way we undertake pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder repairs. Central to this is our computer control system which has been designed specifically to suit both our cylinder repair and manufacturing business. This system makes it so much quicker and easier to quote on an initial enquiry which speeds up decision making and again reduces overall lead time.    

hydraulic cylinders repairedIt is no accident that we bring up lead time again and again with respect to our cylinder repair services, as we know from experience just how important it is when a critical piece of equipment is stopped in need of repair.

It is important to make the repair quickly, but it is more important to make the sure the repair is good and will not be subject to failure again in the short term. We therefore fully test all of our work on our specialised pressure testing machine and offer a 12 month guarantee.

As with other equipment the pressure testing has been developed in-house, but this time in conjunction with technical advice (and ultimately approval) from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).  

In dealing with Cylinder Service Centre you will get a refreshingly straightforward and uncomplicated response and a speedy, professional and reliable service.

If you would like to know more about how we can assist with your hydraulic cylinder repair job, then please get in touch.