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Trade Counter

We have hydraulic pumps , hose connectors , hydraulic hoses and other hydraulic tools - all for immediate sale, or hire from our on-site trade counter.

Our Trade Counter is an additional service aimed at customers, within an easy driving distance from Cylinder Service Centre, who wish to obtain, there and then, parts, or equipment, to their precise need, or specification. This is especially useful for an emergency repair. 

Even if we do not keep them in stock, components such as the above, or hydraulic motors, or hydraulic fittings, or hydraulic valves can all be sourced upon request and then picked up if the customer does not wish to wait for shipping.

Our expertise is not just in hydraulic repair and manufacture, we also source parts for our own purposes and as such have extensive knowledge of part sourcing. We can bring this expertise to bear whenever you may be looking for special replacement parts such as hydraulic seals, hydraulic filters or other hydraulic components or pneumatic components .

Even if it cannot be found, we can often manufacture it ourselves. For example, hose manufacturing is something we can do "while you wait" and we stock a range of hose adaptors to back this part of our service up.

Having said that, our stock is extensive and other things that can be sourced from us include hydraulic oils, pneumatic seals and filter rigs and flushing rigs can also be supplied.

Finally, although mentioned in other parts of the site, we manufacture and supply honed cylinder tube and chromed bar and tipping gear components from a wide range of well known manufacturers are also available as part of our extensive dealership portfolio.

In summary, if you are looking for any of the following, then Cylinder Service Centre is a good place to start:

  • hydraulic pump(s)
  • hose connector(s)
  • hydraulic hose
  • hydraulic tools for sale & hire.
  • hydraulic motor(s)
  • hydraulic fittings
  • hydraulic valves.
  • hydraulic seals.
  • hydraulic components
  • hydraulic filters
  • pneumatic components
  • hydraulic oils
  • pneumatic seals.
  • hydraulic hose adaptors
  • hose manufacturing
  • honed cylinder tube.
  • chromed bar
  • tipping gear components.
  • filter rigs
  • flushing rigs