Hydraulic Cylinder

Whether you are seeking a hydraulic cylinder to be manufactured, repaired or fabricated The Cylinder Service Centre has a solution to meet all needs.

The manufacture and production of bespoke hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders is something that Cylinder Service Centre prides itself on being the local market leader in.

The whole process starts with design and, depending on the application, our hydraulic cylinder design team can produce full CADD 3D models for approval within as little as one day. This allows speedy turnaround that not only reduces the cost of manufacture, it also means that machines, or vehicles waiting for manufactured parts, can be up and running and productive again much sooner.

Of course speed of turnaround does not just apply to manufacture. As you might expect, we have to have an even sharper focus on turnaround on hydraulic cylinder repairs. This is why we have specialised equipment such as our bespoke, in-house designed and built, hydraulic stripping rig. This stripping rig allows us to pull apart seized cylinders so much more quickly. We can then make a speedy judgement, in full consultation with the customer, as to whether a repair or replacement is the best way to go.

Industrial applications we manufacture and repair hydraulic cylinders for include:

  • Sub-sea
  • Shipping & Offshore
  • Oil & Gas
  • Military & Aerospace.
  • Food processing 
  • Process industries: chemical manufacture etc.
  • Plastic Injection Moulding
  • Transport
  • Mobile Plant
  • Agriculture
  • Robotics & instrumentation.
  • Metal Mills
  • Presswork & Castings

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufactured RamsAll sizes and specifications of cylinders are manufactured in-house and to order, quickly and economically. This is backed up by our specialist hydraulic cylinder design service.

All of the cylinders manufactured are covered by our comprehensive quality assurance certification. Special cylinders can be produced with full DNV, Lloyds or ABS design approvals for use in critical applications such as Sub-sea, Shipping and Offshore.

Because we have both in-house hydraulic cylinder design and hydraulic manufacturing capabilities and facilities, we can complete new build cylinders from scratch in as little as two days , depending on specification requirements.


If you have a specialised hydraulic cylinder requirement, then please get in touch for a no obligation initial consultation.