Quality Assurance

ISO 9001 certificateQuality assurance is a serious issue in Cylinder Service Centre. Our quality management system is fully ISO 9000 compliant, quality training is undertaken by all personnel and our systems and processes are subject to regular quality audit by internal personnel and our our external assessors: Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Since our original ISO 9000 quality assurance certification in April 2008, we have steadily reduced paper work involved in following our normal quality procedures by steadily building more and more quality check points into our processes. Employing our customised dedicated computerised management system to help with this has ensured that this reduces our processing cost rather than increasing it.

This allows us to remain competitive on price as well as providing high quality services and products.

Quality assurance management responsibility rests with the Managing Director and as such always has a high priority. For us, quality management is not just about a great job for our customers, it is also about our reputation and building long term relationships with our customers: something that can only work with consistent high quality output.

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