The Hydraulic Cylinder Engineer

It would be unfair to pick any one of our engineers as the typical hydraulic cylinder engineer as each has his own specialism and experience. Instead this is a profile of a typical hydraulic engineer that reflects the workforce as a whole. 

It is probably no surprise to find that all of our engineers are men. This is not some sort of sexist agenda in play, it is just that the vast majority of people with the skills and experience we require just happen to be men.

Equally there are not too many youngsters in the team, the typical engineer is probably in his mid to late forties. Again, there is no ageism going on here, it is just that the skills and experience needed to work at The Cylinder Service Centre take time to acquire.

The Cylinder Service centre is based in the North East of England a region with a long history of engineering in the ship industry, mining industry and their associated supply chains. Our typical engineer therefore comes from mining, or ship building having served a full five years of apprenticeship in either machining, fitting or a combination of the two.

It is an old adage that when someone talks of 20 years of experience, one should check whether that is 20 different years of experience or just one year repeated 20 times. With the vast majority of our team there has been no choice. The decline of ship building and mining in the region combined with an associated rise in automotive engineering has meant that a typical member of our team has had a number of jobs before settling at Cylinder Service Centre and has brought with him a wealth of genuine varied experience.

When employing a new engineer we always look for someone who can bring in at least one extra skill set to the team enhancing our overall capabilities and knowledge.

That experience is built upon at The Cylinder Service Centre, again over many years. Our average engineer has been with us for more than 5 years and many engineers much more than that - some even working beyond retirement age. The Cylinder Service Centre does not have a high turnover of staff.

There is no one good reason for this that we can quote, but it is widely appreciated that the nature of the work is challenging and varied. The skills employed may be pretty much the same every day, but that is all that is the same. The huge variety of work that we undertake from manufacture to a wide range of repairs stretches everyone. There is a never a dull moment - in a very positive way.     

It is an unfortunate truth that the length and depth of modern engineering training does not often match that undergone by the vast majority of our engineers.

Frankly, people with the experience and skills of our typical hydraulic cylinder engineer is not easy to find and recruitment is always a challenge. We are fortunate to have them in the team.

If you would like to join the Cylinder Service Centre team, please see the vacancies section for current opportunities.